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How To Create (and Keep!) A Virtual-School Schedule

Keeping your kids on schedule while virtual schooling can be a struggle. Although your school district may be doing a great job at implementing “periods” and mandatory class sessions to ensure that everyone stays on track during the actual school day, that isn’t always enough. What goes down during the evening and morning hours during the virtual-school semester also has

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5 Fascinating Breastfeeding Rituals From Around The World

Breastfeeding is a universal practice that transcends all borders and cultures. All around the world, women work hard to provide their babies with optimal nutrition that only breastmilk can provide. Although the benefits of breastfeeding and the practice itself are global, the superstitions, myths, and rituals that surround breastfeeding tend to vary greatly depending on the mother’s cultural heritage. Do

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5 Fascinating Facts About Colostrum- Your Baby’s First Superfood

Colostrum, also known as “life’s first food,” is the primary form of milk produced by a mammals’ mammary glands immediately following the delivery of the newborn. This thick, sticky, concentrated substance is often yellow, clear, or white. It begins production around 16-22 weeks gestation, although this often isn’t evident to the mom-to-be since it typically isn’t easily expressed and often

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Our Top 6 Breastfeeding Benefits For Moms

Much of the conversation surrounding breastfeeding usually involves its benefits for babies, but did you know that breastfeeding also has substantial health benefits for new moms? Often referred to as “liquid gold” or “natures perfect food,” breast milk is not only a powerhouse of nutrients, stem cells and antibodies for your baby but according to well-established research, even the act

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New Study Finds That Exercise During Pregnancy Increases The Benefits Of Breast Milk

We all know about the numerous benefits of both breastfeeding and exercise, but did you know that these two seemingly unrelated subjects actually have a positive correlation? Recently, researchers at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and College of Medicine found that exercise during pregnancy increases a compound in breast milk that reduces a baby’s lifelong risks of severe health

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