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So the other day, I was texting back-and-fourth with my mama friend, sharing some nursing advice as she struggled to get in a flow with her new baby. I’m no expert, but I have picked up a few hacks over the many months nursing my two sweet babies. These tips were helpful to her, so I thought, why not share

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Mom Fail Friday

I cooked an Ageless Oxygen pack today.  You know, that little plastic package with the words “DO NOT EAT” plastered across the front that you find in bags of beef jerky? Not the harmless silica kind either, the ones with potentially toxic elemental iron. Yup. I slow-cooked one for five hours.  My day began like any other. I woke up

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The Survival Years

Sometimes at the end of a weekend, my husband and I will sit down after the children are finally in bed and simply stare at each other in profound exhaustion and confusion. “How can they be so tiring?” one of us will ask, and the other will shake their head mutely. “I don’t know. It’s just — they’re so little,

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