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How To Make It Through The Grocery Store (With All The Children)

Trips to the grocery store with children can sometimes seem like the most daunting experience.  The possibilities of something going wrong are endless.  What if someone needs to go to the bathroom?  What if someone is tired?  What if someone has a tantrum?  What if someone becomes defiant in the store and doesn’t want to listen?  I’ve been there and

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How Racial Disparities Are Hindering Breastfeeding Success

It’s easy to assume that breastfeeding is universally accessible to all mothers, but in reality, this sentiment could not be further from the truth. Although breastfeeding rates in America have continued to rise over the past several decades, when we break down the demographics behind this upward trend, we start to spot some startling inequities.  For example, the breastfeeding initiation

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