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5 Fascinating Breastfeeding Rituals From Around The World

Breastfeeding is a universal practice that transcends all borders and cultures. All around the world, women work hard to provide their babies with optimal nutrition that only breastmilk can provide. Although the benefits of breastfeeding and the practice itself are global, the superstitions, myths, and rituals that surround breastfeeding tend to vary greatly depending on the mother’s cultural heritage. Do

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“The Office” Is Being Transformed Into A Children’s Book, And We Need It Now

Good news, Dunder Mifflin fans! Your favorite Netflix binge-series is being transformed into a children’s book, meaning you can now terrorize your kids with your Office obsession both on-screen and off. On February 25th, Entertainment Weekly reported that The Office: A Day at Dunder Mifflin Elementary is set to be released on October 25th, 2020, with preorders available now! This 40-page

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Tips for Cold And Flu Season

Well, here we are again. The holidays have come and passed and many kisses and hugs have been shared. Unfortunately, it’s also cold and flu season, which can leave the parents of newborns feeling torn between wanting to share their little bundle of joy with family and friends and protecting them from germs. The questions I hear most from new

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Nesting: The Urge To Organize

Written by Candace Inge As your pregnancy progresses and you begin to feel more like yourself again, you may notice an urge to clean, organize, and prepare for baby. It is my understanding this can happen whether this is your first, fifth, or tenth child. The urge to organize is often referred to as nesting. Many wive’s tale say that

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