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Why I Regret Weaning My Daughter

I was pretty lucky when it came to the trajectory of my breastfeeding journey. I had no issues with supply, my daughter’s latch was perfect from the start, and I had plenty of supportive people applauding and praising me for my decision to breastfeed. I breastfed exclusively for six months before slowly introducing solids. During those first six months, my

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Survey Sees Increase In Moms Driving Around Aimlessly To Escape Their Families

With much of society still off-limits, people, especially moms, have been finding some pretty creative ways to keep themselves and their families entertained during their time spent in isolation.  From touring virtual museums to visiting drive-through zoos or grabbing yourself a margarita to-go, the ways in which we’re coping with these hard times tend to vary from person to person

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Potential Breastmilk Inspired COVID19 Treatment Looks Promising

Last month, Latched Mama shared an extraordinary story about Rebecca Powell, a human milk immunologist, who has been studying breastmilk antibodies concerning COVID19 infection in hopes of finding a cure or effective course of treatment.  For the past several weeks, Powell has been collecting breastmilk samples from mothers in the New York area, as well as women nationwide who were

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VIDEO: Project M

Many of us speak to our mothers on a regular basis, but how often are we speaking words of kindness into their hearts? Unfortunately, we often find ourselves lacking adequate words when it comes to expressing how much we appreciate our moms. In this candid video, however, several sons open up about what it is about their mothers that makes

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VIDEO: Mom: The Original Essential Worker

Although much has changed in the past few months, one aspect of life that has remained consistent is motherhood. Because like other essential professions, motherhood doesn’t wax and wane with the economy, politics, or overall state of the world. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding us, motherhood remains is essential- today, yesterday, and every other day yet to come. So as

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