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New Zealand Unanimously Votes To Approves Paid Leave After Miscarriage

New Zealand has long been known for its progressive maternity leave policies, granting employees up to 26 weeks of government-funded paternal leave payments as well as up to 52 weeks of unpaid leave. However, this week, the New Zealand Parliament expanded the parameters of what qualifies individuals for paid maternity leave, to now include parents who have suffered a miscarriage

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Asking Moms When They’ll Have Another Baby Isn’t As Inoccent As It Seems

“So, when’s the next one coming?” a loving and well-intentioned family member eagerly asked a freshly-postpartum and extremely flustered me. I hesitantly looked down at my three-week-old baby, still squishy and bald, arching her back to ease the pain of her reflux as she insatiably nursed at my breast. “The next one?” I thought to myself. “My uterus still hasn’t

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How To Create (and Keep!) A Virtual-School Schedule

Keeping your kids on schedule while virtual schooling can be a struggle. Although your school district may be doing a great job at implementing “periods” and mandatory class sessions to ensure that everyone stays on track during the actual school day, that isn’t always enough. What goes down during the evening and morning hours during the virtual-school semester also has

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How Racial Disparities Are Hindering Breastfeeding Success

It’s easy to assume that breastfeeding is universally accessible to all mothers, but in reality, this sentiment could not be further from the truth. Although breastfeeding rates in America have continued to rise over the past several decades, when we break down the demographics behind this upward trend, we start to spot some startling inequities.  For example, the breastfeeding initiation

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