How To Create (and Keep!) A Virtual-School Schedule

Keeping your kids on schedule while virtual schooling can be a struggle. Although your school district may be doing a great job at implementing “periods” and mandatory class sessions to ensure that everyone stays on track during the actual school day, that isn’t always enough. What goes down during the evening and morning hours during the virtual-school semester also has a HUGE impact on your child’s productivity and overall ability to learn.

I know it’s tempting to slip back into the rules of summer where bedtime is whenever their eyes start to grow heavy and mornings start off slow and sleepy. BUT, keeping your kids on a schedule is a SIGNIFICANT determining factor when it comes to whether or not your virtual-school year will be stressful or successful.

I know what you’re thinking- my kids are already struggling with virtual-schooling; they miss their friends and teachers, and I don’t want to make things any harder on them. We hear you, mama. But thankfully, we have some easy and tactical steps to help keep your kids on track WITHOUT adding extra tension to this already stressful season.

Disclaimer: Obviously, every school district (and child) is different and has unique needs and expectations. This mock schedule is meant to be a general guide to help you establish a routine that works for YOU and your family. So don’t feel as though you have to strictly adhere to our suggestions! Make all the modifications you need to make it accessible and adaptable to you.

Step 1.

Have a regular bedtime- meaning pick a time and stick to it. Don’t treat virtual-school like a neverending weekend, or you WILL pay for it on the back-end.

Step 2.

Have your kids (and yourself!) wake up at the same time every day. Set an alarm and treat it as though they still had a bus to catch. Have everyone eat breakfast, brush their teeth, and change out of their pajamas and into appropriate school clothes.

Step 3.

Have a dedicated spot for your child to attend class. It doesn’t matter if its the kitchen table, or a study room specifically set up for virtual-schooling. Work with what you got, but be consistent with it.

Step 4.

Have a designated lunch break followed by some recess, just as they would at school. Encourage them to get outside and run around, take a short walk, or maybe enjoy lunch together at a nearby park. After recess, resume with online classes and complete the remainder of the school day.

Step 5.

Let your kids unwind. Once the school day is done, give your children a 1-2 hour break to enjoy as they please before resuming with homework or any additional responsibilities.

Step 6.

Eat dinner and complete any remaining schoolwork before getting ready to wind down for the night.

Step 7.

Begin your bedtime routine- whatever that looks like for you and your family. Take baths, read books, watch an episode of your favorite family show; you do you. Just be consistent so that these activities will signal to your child that it’s time to wind down for bed.

Step 8.

Lights out and bedtime! Now go give yourself some self-care. You’ve certainly earned it!

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