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Lies Parents Tell

Kids are inherently naive, and that makes them very easy to lie to. When your whole world revolves around caring for them, lying gives us back a little parental control. We all know honesty is the best policy, but when honesty fails a little white lie can save the situation. For example, what parent hasn’t said “I’m sorry honey, it’s

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Reading social media comments can lead to better parenting skills

So many people say not to read the comments on Internet articles, posts and videos, but sometimes reading other viewpoints can make you a better parent. Diane Ashoff at She Knows has a great article about how reading comments about different parenting ideas gives her more perspective. There will always be conflicting ideas about parenting because everyone does it differently.

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How grandparents ruin parenting plans

Grandparents are wonderful, but they’re also great at completely ruining your parenting strategies. Something weird happens when parents become grandparents. All of a sudden sugar, gifts and toys are plentiful and your kids turn into royalty. This humorous article over at She Knows describes ten ways grandparents unravel your parenting plan. Read the full article here: 10 ways grandparents destroy

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A mother’s work is never done

Babies and toddlers don’t understand much about the world. When you arrange throw pillows, they think that’s their signal to toss them around the room. Mirrors and windows are supposed to be full of fingerprints, don’t you know? There are many tasks parents continue to do, even though it seems like they don’t make a difference. Do we do them

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