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Mistakes All Parents Make

Childbirth takes a lot out of you, and I don’t just mean the baby! Terrible jokes aside, the experience of becoming a mother for the first time and learning how to raise this tiny human you created (with a little help) is crazy difficult, and you’ll probably make some mistakes along the way. It’s okay – all moms do! Featured

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Going to the dentist never felt so good

Parenting is different for everyone. While some people seem to genuinely enjoy being around kids 24-7, most mothers need a break sometimes. Taking a shower, going to work, crawling into bed, and even just going to the bathroom without the door being opened on you become things to celebrate! Staying in hotels becomes a more appreciated luxury too. You don’t

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A message to new moms

Having a baby is an overwhelming experience. The actual act of childbirth is hard enough, but the weeks afterward are difficult too. This article by Karen Alpert on Scary Mommy is a great read, especially if you’re new to this whole baby thing. There will be moments of joy and moments of hardship. Do the best you can and never

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