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How to speak to a mom of boys

Any mom of busy kids will get the “you sure have your hands full” line from someone at some point, but if you have boys you’ll also get the question, “are you trying for a girl?” as if your boys aren’t enough, or assume other things about your family. In this post from Scary Mommy, Christine Organ explains what she

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Mommy’s Morning Routine

Lots of things change when you have kids, including your morning routine. They say it’s a good idea to get up extra early to give yourself a little quiet time all for you, but is that realistic? Probably not. This post from Scary Mommy describes the usual morning routine when you have demanding little ones who rely on you for

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Why You Should Read to Your Kids

Reading aloud to your young children not only promotes important bonding and strengthens your relationship with your kids, it also helps them develop important language skills and primes them for a life of learning. That means greater success in school (and life) down the road, since reading and literacy skills are a huge part of our culture. The fact is,

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Are You a Baby Creeper?

One of the nicest, though sometimes frustrating things about babies is they can’t tell us what they’re thinking. If your baby could, do you think he/she’d call you a creep? This entertaining article at Scary Mommy features ten things moms do that their babies might find a little off-putting if they knew any better! But come on, what mother hasn’t

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