How to Commemorate and Celebrate Your Parenting Journey

Becoming a mother and raising a child is an incredible experience, but time goes by quickly even if the days seem to drag on and before you know it your youngest will be out of the house and on their own. Creating a way to hold onto the memories and experiences you have with your family is a great idea, and then you’ll have something your child can look back on and cherish forever as well.

One idea is to write a journal. You don’t have to write in it every day or make each entry long and thoughtful (unless that’s how you roll), but keeping track of meaningful moments soon after they happen will help the memories live on.

Photos and video are another great way to record your baby’s development and your parenting experience, especially since the digital age allows you to take as many as you want.

You can also get a special piece of jewelry that symbolizes your parenting journey or your children specifically. It could be as simple as a piece containing their birthstones, or something more elaborate. You can even get jewelry made using your own breastmilk!

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