This is Why Moms Can’t Get Anything Done

Resized_18002320_s_colorMoms work long days, even if they spend it at home. You’re cleaning the house, doing laundry, cooking, doing dishes, and caring for your baby. It’s that last one that makes your days extra long, but so worth it. This super cute video shows exactly why a mother’s work is never done, and I’m sure all moms can relate!

Cute, right? Also incredibly frustrating, even if that little girl is beyond adorable. I loved the part where she was out playing in the dirt. Letting your kids get down and dirty while exploring their world is good for them, even if it takes extra time to clean them afterward.

When you have a toddler following you around the house and “helping” with chores, they’re bound to take much longer to do. Of course you can keep your baby in a playpen when you’ve had enough of her shenanigans, but you can’t deny it looked like she was having a ton of fun!

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