Lies Parents Tell

Kids are inherently naive, and that makes them very easy to lie to. When your whole world revolves around caring for them, lying gives us back a little parental control. We all know honesty is the best policy, but when honesty fails a little white lie can save the situation.

For example, what parent hasn’t said “I’m sorry honey, it’s closed” when driving by McDonald’s or the toy store to avoid a tantrum? When you are wandering around a department store and your child throws a fit about wanting a toy, you can toss out the “Santa Claus is watching you” gem. How about passively telling your kid “it’s broken” when he can’t get an annoying toy to work?

Of course, as your kids get older they’ll be on to you and you’ll have to get craftier (and probably more honest). Until then, enjoy your moments of victory!

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