How to control and avoid sibling rivalry

Siblings disagree and fight – it’s a fact of life! If you grew up with a sister or brother close to your age you know what it’s like. If you were an only child and you’re raising young children now, you might not have the same understanding. In any case, this little tip can go a long way toward helping you control sibling competition and raise your kids to be considerate adults!

Abby Theuring at the Badass Breastfeeder has discovered what could be the key to ending sibling rivalry for good. When one child does something that makes the other child cry, your first instinct might be to punish the first child. However, this can cause resentment and other issues.

Instead of punishment, use the squabble as an opportunity to teach good behavior. Explain to the first child that what he/she did hurt the other child, and that it’s wrong to hurt people. That way your child will learn empathy, rather than continuing to build upon the bully role.

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