Focus on the experiences, not the stuff

When you have children, your home accumulates a lot more stuff. Clothes, diapers, crib, bedding, stroller, and a mountain of other baby things and toys. TV, video games, phones, tablets, and computers are distractions. They all have a purpose, but memories are made through experiences, not things.

In this article from the Baby Center, Melissa Byers recalls another article about how spending money on experiences rather than things makes people happier. She’s turning that into a parenting philosophy and focusing on all the everyday memories being made, rather than the stuff we fill our lives with.

It makes a lot of sense when you think about it. We all have favorite possessions, but our best memories are rooted in the joy we experience in the company of loved ones.

Read the full article here: More experiences, less stuff – my new parenting philosophy

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