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6 things people think about breastfeeding toddlers

Breastfeeding is an individual choice and experienced differently by different mothers. Some wean early, while others breastfeed for several years. Long term breastfeeding is sometimes controversial, and this article and comic from The Leaky Boob sarcastically addresses many common reasons why some people believe mothers continue to breastfeed their babies. Read the full article here: TLB Comics – Six Reasons

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Uncovered breastfeeding model featured on exclusive magazine cover

Mothers all over the world are working hard to normalize breastfeeding in the face of harassment and the uninformed masses, so it’s extremely uplifting to see positive breastfeeding messages pop up in the media. Recently model Nicole Trunfio posed for the cover of Elle Australia, and subscribers of the magazine received a special edition cover featuring a glamorous photo of

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What exactly is a “nurse-in?”

Even though breastfeeding is legally supported across most of the United States, much of the general public still hasn’t caught up with the law, and that has resulted in a lot of breastfeeding harassment. Nurse-ins are a way to raise awareness about breastfeeding laws and normalize the practice, but many people have misconceptions about nurse-ins as well. This article breaks

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Beautiful, artistic breastfeeding photos

Breastfeeding is a primal part of motherhood, and the bond shared between mother and baby goes far beyond the milk. That’s what Chicago photographer Ivette Ivens has captured in her breastfeeding photography project featuring mothers breastfeeding toddlers in a variety of beautiful natural settings. See the photos and read the full article here: Photographer Ivette Ivens Explores Beauty Of Extended

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Breastfeeding Photos Still a Facebook Concern

Just a couple months ago in March, Facebook amended their photo guidelines to allow breastfeeding photos to be displayed on the website. This was great news both for mothers interested in sharing breastfeeding selfies as well as photographers specializing in or featuring mothers and parenthood. However, apparently Facebook’s policies are made to be broken. Photographer Abby Camarata recently found both

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Never dilute your breastmilk!

We all know breast milk is basically “liquid gold,” and if you’re having supply issues and struggling to produce enough milk to feed your baby, you may have considered diluting it to make it go farther. Never do this! The extra water can throw off your baby’s delicate electrolytes, potentially resulting in seizures or death. That goes for formula, too!

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