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Do lactation cookies really work?

If you’re like many breastfeeding mothers, you might be worried about producing enough milk to feed your baby properly. While browsing the web or talking to friends, maybe you’ve come across lactation cookies that supposedly increase your milk supply, but do they actually work? This question was posed in a recent Ask Anne article at Breastfeeding Basics. The short answer

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A Breastfeeding Photo Controversy

Breastfeeding is a hot topic. Ever since Facebook’s policy change last year allowing breastfeeding photos on the website, mothers and photographers have been fighting against censorship and standing up for women everywhere. Recently photographer Jade Beall posted a beautiful photo featuring breastfeeding mothers and their babies. The picture generated a lot of interest, both positive and negative. Jade’s photography focuses

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Breastfeeding vs. Sexuality

Breastfeeding mothers are fighting an ongoing battle for respect against society’s hypocrisy that says it’s okay to display sexuality, but it’s not okay to feed our children. Memes have been floating around the web that show sexy celebs paired with photos of breastfeeding moms to drive this point home, and Abby Theuring at The Badass Breastfeeder decided to take it

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Take this survey to help other breastfeeding mothers

If you’re currently breastfeeding or have breastfed in the past, your experiences can help shed some light on the breastfeeding process. PhD candidate Jayme Cisco, a breastfeeding mother herself, created a breastfeeding survey. She wants to know who supported your decision to breastfeed, how long you did it for, and what the social atmosphere surrounding your breastfeeding was like. She

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