Breastfeeding vs. Sexuality

18002320_s_colorBreastfeeding mothers are fighting an ongoing battle for respect against society’s hypocrisy that says it’s okay to display sexuality, but it’s not okay to feed our children. Memes have been floating around the web that show sexy celebs paired with photos of breastfeeding moms to drive this point home, and Abby Theuring at The Badass Breastfeeder decided to take it personal with a brilliant commentary on the subject.

Abby argues that it’s perfectly acceptable for women to embrace both our sexuality and our roles as mothers. We are complex individuals with value and beauty in many aspects throughout our lives, and it’s unfair for one to be valued so much over another. This speaks of the misogyny that still plagues our civilization today.

Society has been dictating what’s acceptable for women for centuries, and some of these things are so ingrained in our culture it’s difficult to look at them from another perspective. That’s why conversations like this are important. Stay strong, ladies!

Read the full article here: The Sexy Woman Versus The Breastfeeding Mother: A Case Study of Facebook Memes

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