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Never dilute your breastmilk!

We all know breast milk is basically “liquid gold,” and if you’re having supply issues and struggling to produce enough milk to feed your baby, you may have considered diluting it to make it go farther. Never do this! The extra water can throw off your baby’s delicate electrolytes, potentially resulting in seizures or death. That goes for formula, too!

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Incredible Mother Breastfeeds Triplets

For most moms, breastfeeding one hungry baby is challenging. There might be latch issues, supply problems, too much nursing, not enough nursing, and nursing all hours of the night. Add a second baby to the mix and you double the fun and frustration, but triplets are hard to imagine! That’s reality for Brittany Yankowski, who has been breastfeeding triplets for

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Breasts come and go, but children are forever

When you’re pregnant and/or nursing, you may anticipate a significant change in your breast size and shape throughout the experience. While some women end up the same size after breastfeeding as they were before, others see a permanent increase or even decrease in breast size. In this article at Scary Mommy, Jen Simon writes a letter to her breasts, thanking

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“Thank you for breastfeeding in public”

Breastfeeding moms receive a lot of negative attention, so it’s heartening to see some positive words of encouragement thrown our way once in a while! Some mothers have taken it upon themselves to spread a supportive message to other breastfeeding moms with wonderful thank-you notes. Consider making some yourself to hand to breastfeeding moms you see and spread the positivity!

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Overcoming Breastfeeding Challenges

Breastfeeding is a natural, beautiful experience and it gives your baby a healthy start in life, but it’s not without its challenges. Some breastfeeding lessons are only learned with experience. If you’re just starting out on the journey, you may not fully realize just how much it will affect your life. This article by Chaunie Brusie at She Knows describes

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