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A Note to the New Mom

Hey, you. I see you. Not the dark circles under your eyes. Not the “day three hair” pulled into something that once vaguely resembled a ponytail. Not the crusted baby puke flaking off your shirt. I see you. You’re doing a really good job. I mean it. Motherhood is a big, important, nuanced thing, and you’re doing it. Sure, “it”

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When I found out

My husband and I decided to start “trying” in February of 2008. And we did. For three days, I think. But then we reconsidered. We were putting our house on the market that spring, and I’d only been at my job as a copywriter for a few months. Why add something else to our already very full plates? It just

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That one time I was a genius

I became a mostly stay-at-home mother* a few months after our son’s second birthday. Around that same time, my husband’s work hours went a little kooky, often requiring me to solo-parent** our toddler from breakfast to bedtime several days in a row. I went from spending my days in a quiet office with considerate companions who let me go to

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One and Done. Probably.

When my husband and I first began talking about starting a family—both during the abstract musings of our first years of marriage and later on as the ifs morphed into whens—we always said we’d have two kids. He’s an only child, and I’m the youngest of three, and we each were leaning towards replicating the situation in which we grew up,

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Pregnancy and Loss

Life is tricky sometimes, and I feel like its even trickier when you’re a mom. Most days it’s like I’m running at a million miles an hour, thinking about everything and everyone other than myself. But sometimes things stop us in our tracks and remind us that we need to be a priority, too. Last February, I received my first

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