Disconnect from technology and reconnect with your kids for Mother’s Day

The Internet is an amazing place, and social media allows us to connect with people in ways we never before dreamed of. However, just because you can post tons of photos and share your life online daily doesn’t mean you should, and you could be missing out on important time with your kids by doing so.

This article from She Knows discusses how easy it is to get lost in social media. By taking and posting photos you end up documenting moments rather than experiencing them fully. Memories aren’t made through photos and videos, they’re made through the experience.

Now, pictures and videos are great. After all, they tell a thousand words, right? But a million photos are not a good replacement for the actual time spent being present in your child’s life.

This Mother’s Day try putting down the cell phone and waiting until Monday to share the joys of the day. I promise everyone will still be around to offer a like or thumbs up, and your kids will appreciate the quality time without interruption.

Read the full article here: Want a better Mother’s Day? Put the camera down and stay off social media

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