A Message to ‘Perfect’ Moms

Parenting perfection is something many mothers strive for, but for some it’s all in their heads. Mothers who go into know-it-all territory without regard for the experience of others are obnoxious without realizing it. Think you’ve got it easy? Well lah tee dah.

In this entertaining article at Scary Mommy, Bunmi Laditan writes a lovely letter to all the perfect moms out there commenting on Facebook posts about how wonderful and easy their parenting experience has been and how everyone else must be doing something wrong. I can’t help but think they must love the smell of their own farts, too.

Every child is different, every parent is different, and it’s mind-boggling to think that some mothers truly believe they know everything based on one particular experience. No one has all the answers and we’re all trying our best.

Read the full article here: Dear Perfect Mom In The Facebook Comments

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