Photo Project Seeks to Show the Raw Beauty of Motherhood

Body shaming is a serious problem, and women are subjected to it from every corner of the media. Television, magazines, and the Internet constantly project an image of the ideal woman, and if you don’t fit that tiny definition you’re expected to feel bad. This has to stop, and mothers are fighting back.

Enter Jade Beall, an amazing photographer and advocate of self-love, especially of your post baby body. That includes your stretch marks, sagging skin and everything else that makes you who you are and shows your truth. You are beautiful just as you are.

Her photographs of the natural beauty of motherhood without Photoshopping the realities away have inspired mothers everywhere to love themselves, despite what the media says. Now she’s working with other photographers to build a website to show the world how beautiful and strong we are!

Read the full article here: Could these photos change the way we feel about our bodies?

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