Fat Shaming Moms and Unjust Judgments

happy-mothers-day-background-with-sketch-of-mother-and-her-child_MJvnsidu_colorFat shaming is nothing new, but after bringing a baby into the world and dealing with extra weight that doesn’t want to come off, you gain a new perspective along with the pounds. You realize that your extra fluff does not necessarily mean you’re unhealthy – in fact, you could be stronger than you’ve ever been before. However, society doesn’t see it that way.

In this article from Scary Mommy, Nicole Jankowski shares her perspective as a “fat girl” and what people looking at her cannot see below the surface. She’s a mother who aspires to be healthy, who eats healthy foods (while still enjoying indulgences), who IS healthy by doctor’s standards, and yet still judged and criticized by others.

While I wouldn’t call the author fat by any means, there are certainly those in the world who would, which is in itself ridiculous. The idea that health and beauty can only be measured by scales and dress size is faulty.

You created life. You and your body are gorgeous.

Read the full article here: What You Don’t See When you Look at the Fat Girl in a Bathing Suit

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