Moms, You Are the Life of the Party

sketch-of-mom-and-baby_zyuEBzud_colorSometimes being a mother is the hardest job there is. Your hormones are raging and the work gets overwhelming, especially when you’re busy trying to make everything perfect and wonderful for everyone around you. It’s easy to neglect your needs, but you have to live your life. You are the party when you choose to focus on what really matters.

Rachel at Hands Free Mama shared a beautiful story full of heart and passion about the emotional struggles involved in being a mom, as well as the incredible joy. In order to “be the party” for your children and partner, you have to be fully present in their lives. Sometimes people lose their way, but if that happens, know you’re not alone.

Everyone needs love, especially mothers who give it so freely. Instead of hiding away in pain, rise up and communicate your needs and seek love and support, and be that love and support for others. When you do that, you are the party. Live life and love it!

Read the full article here: The Life of the Party is Closer than You Think

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