Casual Parenting Advice Better Left Unsaid

As soon as people find out you’re pregnant, you get bombarded with boat loads of advice whether you’re looking for it or not. Some of it’s helpful, but a lot of it is just plain annoying. We all understand parenting is hard work, but why can’t people mind their own business?

This entertaining article from Scary Mommy lays out ten of the most annoying bits of parenting advice commonly heard by moms everywhere.

When you’re pregnant, everyone wants to offer name suggestions. It’s a real bummer if they toss one out you actually like – who wants to always have to credit someone else with their baby’s name, anyway?

Then when you’re hauling baby around, people get in your business and act all concerned for your baby’s well-being. “That baby sounds hungry,” as if they would know. Then they’ll tell you that you shouldn’t carry them too much or they’ll get spoiled. Really? Do they think you should be required to bring a stroller everywhere?

Read the full article here: The Top 10 Most Annoying Pieces of Parenting Advice

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