Why Won’t Strangers Mind Their Own Business?

Kids have tantrums. They scream and kick and yell for the smallest, stupidest reasons and sometimes there’s nothing we can do about it. Unfortunately the general public doesn’t seem to understand this, and sometimes the things they do to “help” only make things worse.

This article from Scary Mommy lists seven things that moms don’t need to hear from anyone when they have a screaming baby in their shopping cart, yet strangers always feel the need to intervene.

It’s incredibly annoying to hear things like “What’s the matter?” or “Aww, poor baby!” The baby is just fine, what about mommy? Then sometimes other moms will comment with “I remember those days.” Really? Obviously you forgot how annoying it is to receive random unhelpful comments when your toddler is busy tossing things out of the cart.

Tantrums are loud and obnoxious and thankfully don’t last forever, unless clueless strangers continue to make them worse. Do not touch the baby!

Read the full article here: 7 Things No Mom Wants to Hear When Her Kid Is Screaming in the Grocery Store

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