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Pregnant TV meteorologist shamed for not wearing loose clothing

A meteorologist for Global News in Canada, Kristi Gordon has recently received hate mail for wearing “revealing” clothing while on the job, even though she dressed professionally. The anonymous letters without return addresses requested she take time off for being “gross” and looking like “a hussy.” It’s obvious these people have a serious problem with seeing a pregnant body and

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Post-partum poop problems

Becoming a mother is an incredible process, and while there are sure to be some beautiful moments, it’s certainly not all pretty. One of the lesser talked about unfortunate events is the post-partum poop. If you’re expecting, get those laxatives ready! This fantastic, funny article from Scary Mommy tells you everything you need to know about the unholy brown horror

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Pregnant Confessions

Pregnancy hormones have an effect on your mind as well as your body, and that makes for some interesting stories to tell! This post at the Baby Center features confessions from moms about bodily functions, food binges, and emotional outbursts you’ll surely relate to! My favorite was from a woman who confessed to peeing on her dad’s chair without even

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