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Nursing and the Creepy Crawlies

Nursing and the Creepy Crawlies: Breastfeeding Agitation You might recognize it as the “creepy crawlies,” hot sweats, or just a general misery towards nursing when your milk lets down. Your nursing relationship with your older infant or toddler has been going just fine and then suddenly it’s driving you crazy! It’s not that you’re “all touched out,” or exhausted by

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Breastfeeding and Sex

Sex after pregnancy may seem difficult initially, both physically and mentally. Many women report complications ranging from low libedo to physical pain months after giving birth. Health care providers instruct new moms to wait anywhere from four to six weeks after having a baby to engage in intercourse, regardless if the delivery was a C-Section or vaginal. However, even when

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Immune Factors in Human Milk

 You’ve likely heard the saying that “breast is best”, and scientific research definitely backs up this claim. Breast milk is great for your baby’s belly, their skin, and even their vision. Perhaps the most important reason that breastfed babies thrive is that every little drop of breast milk is filled with miraculous components called immunological factors. These elements of human

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