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Is My Baby Getting Enough Milk?

So much of breastfeeding is about confidence. It’s about having confidence in your baby’s natural need to nurse, confidence in your body’s ability to create sustenance, and confidence, or maybe just faith, in yourself that you’ll be able to push through any obstacles. Yet, for many of us, confidence is a difficult trait and adding infants to the mix doesn’t

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What’s Tandem Nursing?

So, you’re breastfeeding your child right now and loving it, but you have another baby on the way. What are you supposed to do now? A flood of questions is undoubtedly bothering you. Can you keep breastfeeding? Will your milk taste the same to your child? Will your new baby have enough milk if you’re trying to nurse both? The

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Weaning Time

Mothers often wonder when they should wean their breastfeeding babies. The answer is simple: it’s different for everyone, and you should do what feels right for you and your baby. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends feeding your baby with solely breastmilk for the first six months, and then using both solid foods and breastmilk for the remaining year.

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Going back to work

You just went through the intense and joyful transition of introducing a new human into the world and now, after just weeks, you’re heading back to work. Talk about one intense change after another! You might be nervous, can you really keep breastfeeding while you’re working? Will you find time to pump? Yes. You can continue breastfeeding after you’ve started

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Managing Mastitis

It started with a small sore spot on the side of my right breast. The spot felt hot, tender when touched, and seriously uncomfortable. My second daughter was 9 months old and we were at a friend’s house, finishing up a play date that was especially difficult for my older daughter to wrap up. But as the “20 more minutes”

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5 Things Parents of Premature Babies Still Do Even When Their Babies Become Toddlers

The possibility of having a premature baby isn’t something that I really thought about when I was pregnant. I didn’t know anything about the Neonatal Unit and what went on there, until at 30 weeks gestation, my baby girl was delivered by emergency cesarean and I was plunged into an unknown world of incubators, monitors and breathing apparatus for the

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