Not Sure What to Get Your Kids this Holiday? Here’s a Fool-Proof List of Fantastic Gifts!

As the upcoming holidays loom large, many mamas find themselves in a crunch as they organize their lists and realize they have no idea what to get their little ones this year! Never fear – we’re here with a list that’s guaranteed to please the picki

LeapFrog 100 Words

est kiddos, with presents that have been tried, tested, and parent-approved.

Best for Babies

Talking Bluey dolls

This Leap Frog book of 100 words is bright, cheerful, and will teach your little linguist lots of words in both English AND Spanish!



You had us at “Bluey!” These talking Bluey dolls are sure to become your kiddo’s new best friends. Adorable, plushy soft, and interactive, these are a no-brainer to please little ones of all ages.



It’s never too early for affirmations! Teach your little one about self-love and build their confidence from birth with these sweet, encouraging gender-neutral dolls from Walmart!

Affirmation dolls

Toys for Toddlers

Dyson Ball toy vacuum


This Dyson toy vacuum makes list after list as one of the best toys on the block. It’s colorful, looks real, and even features REAL suction! Your little one will feel like a big kid and hey – maybe your floors will be a little cleaner?


LeapFrog Activity CubeLeap Frog continues to corner the market on educational toys that kids truly love! This activity cube will keep your toddler occupied for hours and you can rest assured knowing that they’re learning as they play!


Bubble machine

This bubble machine bears little resemblance to the wands we parents were handed when we were kids! It’s sure to wow your little one and take playtime to a whole new level! Check it out on Amazon.


Outstanding for Older Kids

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza is a game full of fun for the whole family! From preschoolers to adults, this silly, simple game is a true crowd pleaser and is sure to bring some extra fun to your family nights!

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

For elementary an3-D printing pend older kiddos, this incredible 3-D Printing Pen is sure to bend minds and light up your little one’s face as they see their very own drawings come to life! Even better, this amazing gadget is made by a small business. Check out their Amazon shop!

Marble run





This Marble Run is sure to create hours of fun for your little one (and you!). Design new runs, build tall towers, and see what your marbles can do with this colorful set!


Extraordinary Extras

There are so many great gifts out there, we couldn’t help but include a few extras at the end of our list! Check out these incredible gifting ideas!

This one’s for the parents, and  is sure to bring back some memories! This FAO Schwarz piano mat is a duplicate of the one featured in the movie Big, and is so much fun that moms and dads will want to take a turn making some tunes too! FAO Schwarz Piano Mat

TinkerTarIf your little one is developing a love for music, the TinkerTar is a great place to start learning basic musical concepts – plus, it’s colorful and lots of fun!







For those of us Millennials who want another chance at keeping a Tamagotchi alive, the Bitzee is a fun way to teach your little ones about pets while having lots of fun! No muss, no fuss, but if you’re debating whether to get your little one a real live furry companion, this mightbe a great place to start!



Did you come up with a brilliant idea to blow your kiddo’s mind this holiday season? Share fantastic gift ideas in the comments!

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