Soothing and breastfeeding are the same thing

Your breastfeeding goals are very personal, and there is no right or wrong. Maybe you have no goals at all and simply enjoy the experience. Breast milk is incredibly nutritious, so if you do want your child to breastfeed as long as possible you’ll want to make sure your baby finds nursing to be a cozy, comfortable experience.

This post by Wendy at the Badass Breastfeeder has some great advice on the subject. Sometimes it may seem like your baby is weaning, but she may be going on a nursing strike due to stress from teething, illness or other disruptions. Sometimes mothers promote weaning without realizing it by ignoring the comfort and sleep associations of breastfeeding.

When you stop seeing your breasts as simply feeding tools and pay more attention to their comforting power, your baby will sense that and view them as a safe place to connect with you. This is especially important if you’re nursing a toddler, who will likely feed mostly at nap time or before bed.

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