This is Why You’re an Awesome Mom

Everyone has a rough day once in a while. We all doubt our abilities sometimes, or wish things weren’t the way they are, or wish we could do better or be better people. The truth is, we probably beat ourselves up too much. Parenting is hard! You’re doing far better than you think you are.

This great article from She Knows lists nine excellent reasons why you’re a much better mom than you give yourself credit for. For example, you keep showing up and give your child what he/she needs. You’re there to dry their tears and do what you can to boost them up.

You’re also learning to conquer your fears. You don’t really understand worry until you become a parent, but you know everyone makes judgments and your instincts are worth listening to.

Your baby is alive and healthy, and when all else fails you at least make sure that continues!

Read the full article here: 9 Reasons you’re a better mom than you think you are

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