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A Message to ‘Perfect’ Moms

Parenting perfection is something many mothers strive for, but for some it’s all in their heads. Mothers who go into know-it-all territory without regard for the experience of others are obnoxious without realizing it. Think you’ve got it easy? Well lah tee dah. In this entertaining article at Scary Mommy, Bunmi Laditan writes a lovely letter to all the perfect

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Napping – It’s Not Just for Babies!

Last Monday (March 9th) was National Napping Day, so to celebrate the wonderfulness that is napping blogger Melissa Byers posted this charming article at the Baby Center blog highlighting 50 reasons she could really use a nap. I’m sure many moms will empathize! When you’re taking care of needy kids, there are a million different things that can keep you

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Your First Week as a New Mom

Babies change everything, and adapting to those changes as a new mom can be a difficult, yet amazing experience that, upon looking back, happens way too fast. This beautiful post from the Pregnant Chicken recounts the thoughts and feelings experienced by a mother during her first week face to face with her baby. Your life will never be the same,

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Mommy’s Morning Routine

Lots of things change when you have kids, including your morning routine. They say it’s a good idea to get up extra early to give yourself a little quiet time all for you, but is that realistic? Probably not. This post from Scary Mommy describes the usual morning routine when you have demanding little ones who rely on you for

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