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I Choose Me!

A few hours ago I walked into an empty, silent house—quite a change from the morning I’d just spent volunteering in my son’s class for its 100th Day of School celebration. I sat on the bottom step of our staircase and took a few deep breaths to decompress from the chaos (but adorableness!) of my day so far. In. Out.

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Pregnancy and Loss

Life is tricky sometimes, and I feel like its even trickier when you’re a mom. Most days it’s like I’m running at a million miles an hour, thinking about everything and everyone other than myself. But sometimes things stop us in our tracks and remind us that we need to be a priority, too. Last February, I received my first

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Talking to my kid about depression

I have depression—moderate depression with a side of crippling anxiety, if you want to get specific. I was first diagnosed when I was 23, although I suspect it began much earlier than that. It was only after experiencing panic attacks, heart palpitations, chronic insomnia, and regular and profound “low” periods that I sought medical treatment. I started taking anti-depressants and

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These 6 Things Help Cure Postpartum Depression and Anxiety

For people who have never had the displeasure of experiencing depression or anxiety, it can be difficult to understand what it feels like. Unfortunately many mothers suffer from postpartum depression and reaching out for help is challenging, but the help of others is exactly what you need. This article featured at The Leaky Boob describes the author’s personal postpartum experience

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How harmful is smoking while pregnant?

We all know smoking isn’t good for us, yet many still have trouble breaking free of the addictive habit. However, pregnant mothers are risking not only their own health, but their baby’s health as well. Studies show smoking while pregnant increases the risk of respiratory problems, premature birth, and SIDS. Recently 4D ultrasounds were performed on pregnant women who smoked

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