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Mistakes All Parents Make

Childbirth takes a lot out of you, and I don’t just mean the baby! Terrible jokes aside, the experience of becoming a mother for the first time and learning how to raise this tiny human you created (with a little help) is crazy difficult, and you’ll probably make some mistakes along the way. It’s okay – all moms do! Featured

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Going to the dentist never felt so good

Parenting is different for everyone. While some people seem to genuinely enjoy being around kids 24-7, most mothers need a break sometimes. Taking a shower, going to work, crawling into bed, and even just going to the bathroom without the door being opened on you become things to celebrate! Staying in hotels becomes a more appreciated luxury too. You don’t

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Funny baby phobias

Babies are constantly encountering new things they’ve never seen before, and sometimes those things are a little scary. This funny article from the Baby Center lists a bunch of silly toddler phobias, like freaking out when encountering grass for the first time and hiding from department store mannequins. To be fair they kind of creep me out too! There’s even

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Post-partum poop problems

Becoming a mother is an incredible process, and while there are sure to be some beautiful moments, it’s certainly not all pretty. One of the lesser talked about unfortunate events is the post-partum poop. If you’re expecting, get those laxatives ready! This fantastic, funny article from Scary Mommy tells you everything you need to know about the unholy brown horror

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Get ready, get set, crawl!

People love sports. There’s something about a competition and an inner desire to be the best that people have been obsessed with for centuries. We love races, whether they’re marathons, Olympic dashes, county fair minnow races, or… babies? This article from the Baby Center features a video from a basketball game interlude that had dads release their babies in a

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A Message to ‘Perfect’ Moms

Parenting perfection is something many mothers strive for, but for some it’s all in their heads. Mothers who go into know-it-all territory without regard for the experience of others are obnoxious without realizing it. Think you’ve got it easy? Well lah tee dah. In this entertaining article at Scary Mommy, Bunmi Laditan writes a lovely letter to all the perfect

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