Working from Home – With Kids!!

Working from home while juggling the demands of parenthood is no small feat. The intersection of conference calls and diaper changes can be a challenging yet rewarding balancing act. If you’re finding yourself in the trenches of remote work and parenting, fear not—here are some practical tips to help you navigate the work-from-home jungle with kids in tow.

Routines are your friend.
Developing a routine provides structure for both you and your kids. Set consistent wake-up times, meal breaks, and designated work periods. This routine will create a sense of predictability and help your children understand when you’re available for them and when you need to focus on work.


Separation is key.
Having a designated workspace is crucial for creating a mental boundary between work and home life. It doesn’t have to be a separate room; even a specific corner or desk can serve the purpose. When you’re in your workspace, it signals to your family that you’re in work mode.

Communicate with your kiddos.
Clearly communicate your work hours, deadlines, and expectations to your family. This transparency helps manage everyone’s expectations and fosters an understanding of when interruptions are acceptable and when focus is needed.


Naptime = worktime.
Naptime or a daily quiet time can be a productivity goldmine. Use this time to tackle tasks that require concentration and focus. It’s a valuable opportunity to make significant progress on work without interruptions.


Break it down.
Break down your work tasks into manageable blocks of time. The Pomodoro technique, for instance, suggests working in focused intervals (e.g., 25 minutes) followed by short breaks. This approach helps maintain productivity and provides moments to engage with your kids.


Screens aren’t *all* bad.
While limiting screen time is ideal, strategically using educational apps or shows can provide brief periods for uninterrupted work. Set clear boundaries to ensure screen time is purposeful and balanced with other activities.


Create a community.
Coordinate with other work-from-home parents to share responsibilities. This might involve taking turns watching each other’s kids or organizing virtual playdates. Collaborating can create a support system and ease the burden for everyone involved.


Flexibility is not optional.
Embrace flexibility in your work hours. Some days may require more attention to family needs, while others might allow for extended work hours. A flexible approach enables you to adapt to the ebb and flow of family life.


Don’t forget your own needs.
Don’t neglect self-care. Schedule breaks to stretch, take a walk, or engage in activities that rejuvenate you. A well-nurtured parent is better equipped to handle the challenges of working from home with kids.


Congratulate yourself.
Acknowledge and celebrate accomplishments, both big and small. Completing a work project or successfully managing a challenging day with the kids deserves recognition. Celebrating these victories reinforces a positive mindset and motivation to keep going.


Navigating the work-from-home jungle with kids is a continuous process of refining and adapting. By implementing these tips and recognizing the unique needs of your family, you can create a harmonious environment where work and family coexist successfully. Remember, you’ve got this!

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