Ten Essential Positive Parenting Tips

Every mom wants to be the best possible parent for her children. Fostering a trusting relationship and a strong bond with your little ones is crucial! Positive parenting allows you to coach and guide your children through life in an encouraging and collaborative way. Here are some of our favorite tips to maintain a healthy and positive household as you raise your kids!


Physical Touch

Children need physical affection! Hugs and kisses go a long way in making your little one feel bonded and secure. Follow their lead and make sure they get all the cuddles they need.


Set Clear Limits

Rules are an important part of life, and setting boundaries with your child is essential. However, make sure these rules and limits are stated positively and are enforceable! A clear understanding of expectations is key to coaching your child. Stating things positively, such as “Always hold my hand when you cross the street,” is a more positive and nurturing way to state a boundary than the negative: “Don’t ever go in the street without me!” Make sure your guidelines and the consequences from stepping outside the boundaries are clear and understood.

Be Realistic

Just as there’s no such thing as the perfect parent, there’s no such thing as the perfect child! Set realistic expectations and know that there will be hard days, even with the best parenting plans. Striving for perfection will only lead to disappointment and frustration.


Get to the Root

If your child is having a difficult day, try to remember that most of their behaviors will have a root cause that is unrelated to their current tantrum or meltdown. For example, a toddler throwing a fit about eating their vegetables at lunchtime may just be exhausted and ready for a nap! Your moody middle schooler may have had a difficult day at school. Understanding that your child’s behavior has a deeper meaning will help you guide them more effectively.


Consistency is Key

As the parent, it is up to you to create an environment where your child feels safe, and being reliable is essential. Make sure that your expectations are consistent, and that your responses to their behavior are the same, no matter your mood. Of course, no parent is perfect, but striving for consistency will help create an environment where your child feels safe to explore their independence.


Model Positive Behavior

We all have bad days – that’s unavoidable. But modeling how to weather bad days with a positive attitude will make a lasting impression on your little one! Children will always mirror their parents, and if they see you responding rationally and positively to challenges, that will enable them to do the same. Leading by example is the best way to make sure your child has the foundation to persevere through whatever challenges life throws at them.


Be Real

Being authentic with your children is a wonderful way to prepare them for adulthood! Too often, young adults are caught off guard by life because they never saw inside their parents’ struggles. It is natural, as a mom, to want to shield your child from difficulty, but sharing your challenges with them in an age-appropriate way will prepare them for the inevitable stresses they will face in life.


Say “Yes”

Of course, it is impossible and unwise to always say “yes” to requests, but making “yes” your default will create a more positive environment for your home and will make it easier for your child to approach you with questions and requests. Saying yes to small things like allowing your child to wear an outfit they pick out, or allowing them to have two straws in their drink seems like a small, insignificant decision, but to them it will signal that they are empowered to make decisions and it will build their confidence to make bigger decisions in the future!


Quality Time

It is easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day busyness of motherhood! But taking the time to slow down and participate in some face-to-face quality time will go a long way in building a strong relationship with your child. Taking just a few minutes to play a board game or have an intentional conversation with your little one will build trust and strengthen your bond more than you could imagine!


Eyes on the Prize

Although the daily parenting grind is important, remember that your ultimate goal is not to create a well-behaved school child. Your ultimate goal is to create a healthy, secure, well-adjusted adult who is confident in their ability to navigate life and make decisions. Your child may misbehave from time to time; they may struggle with grades; they may have difficulty forming friendships. As long as they know they have you in their corner, they will continue and grow in confidence, navigating life with your support.


Every mama wants the best for their child, and it’s easy to become overwhelmed by all the parenting advice that is available. Fostering a strong relationship with your child through positive parenting will build the foundation that will allow your little baby birds to spread their wings and fly, knowing that your nest is always available. You’ve got this, mama! You’re doing great!

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