Five Benefits of Private Schools

In this blog, the second part of our three-part series on school choices, we will highlight the benefits of private schools and the various reasons parents choose this schooling option for their little ones. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing how your children are educated! Every child is different and choosing the right environment for their learning experience is both challenging and important.


Five benefits of private schools:


Smaller Classes. Since private schools, unlike public schools, are allowed to choose whom they admit, they are generally able to limit class sizes and ensure that the student-teacher ratio in the school allows for more personalized instruction. While private schools can be large and small, a focus on small class sizes is common and can be a huge benefit to choosing private schools for your child.


Parental Involvement. When choosing private school, a family is invested in the school in every way. They’ve entrusted the school with their child and there is a financial investment involved as well, which, generally, means that parents are more inclined to be hands-on and involved. Private school parents typically are able to form strong parent-teacher organizations which fosters a community environment where parents and their children can bond and grow together.


Shared Values. It may be important to you to choose a school which embodies your personal family values. Whether you are drawn to the Montessori style or you are looking for a school that will teach your child religious studies, there is a supportive private school option for nearly every philosophy! You can easily find a school that fits your family’s belief system and know that your child is in an environment that will confirm and enhance their understanding of those values.


More Resources. While public schools are funded by tax dollars and their budgets determined by the local government, private schools are privately funded by the tuition parents pay to enroll their children. Therefore, there is less bureaucracy in the financial planning for the school and private schools do not typically experience the same lack of resources that public schools often contend with. Parents also will have more of a say in where money is spent at the school than in a public setting, which can be very appealing to parents who want to feel connected and invested in their child’s education!


A Sense of Community. While it is certainly possible to form strong bonds within a public school community, private schools are known for fostering a sense of closeness among their students, faculty, and alumni. Many have strong alumni associations and groups to keep students connected even after graduation, and private school alumni often feel so connected to their school community that when they are ready to send their own children off to school they choose to enroll them in their alma mater.


Private schools are as diverse and unique as your child and if you are looking for a more personalized and intimate school experience for your young ones, this could be the right environment for your family! Check your local listings to see what options are available in your community and request a tour to see if there is a private school option that is right for your child.

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