UNICEF: Breastfeeding With COVID19- Benefits Outweigh The Risk

Since the onset of the COVID19 outbreak, organizations such as the World Health Organization and the Centers For Disease Control have been grappling with whether or not breastfeeding mothers should be encouraged to continue nursing.

Unfortunately, these critical conversations often came with some conflicting viewpoints, making it difficult for mothers to make an informed decision for themselves and their families.

For example, since the beginning of the outbreak, the WHO has adamantly endorsed the continuance of breastfeeding, regardless of the mother’s infection status. Meanwhile, the CDC was often found singing a different tune, going as far as to recommend the separation of infants and infected mothers to help deter the spread of the virus.

Recently, UNICEF, a United Nations agency responsible for providing humanitarian aid to children worldwide, released a supportive video detailing how to breastfeed safely for the duration of the COVID19 pandemic, stating that the “benefits outweigh the risks.”

Although much is still unknown about COVID19 and how it is transmitted, we do have a large body of evidence in support of the continuance of breastfeeding throughout the pandemic.

In fact, breastmilk is so effective at fighting viral pathogens that it is even being studied for potential therapeutic purposes for COVID19 treatment and prevention.

So if you’re a nursing mama during these uncertain times, please rest assured knowing and that you are providing your baby with the optimal virus-fighting nutrition needed to protect them from the coronavirus pandemic, and every cold and flu season to come.

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