Uncovered breastfeeding model featured on exclusive magazine cover

Mothers all over the world are working hard to normalize breastfeeding in the face of harassment and the uninformed masses, so it’s extremely uplifting to see positive breastfeeding messages pop up in the media. Recently model Nicole Trunfio posed for the cover of Elle Australia, and subscribers of the magazine received a special edition cover featuring a glamorous photo of her breastfeeding her son.

The edition of the magazine displayed on newsstands presented a different picture of the model that still includes her son but does not feature breastfeeding, and Elle has come under fire for the choice. Some wonder what the point of celebrating breastfeeding is if it’s going to remain hidden from the public.

While the photo is not really an accurate portrayal of breastfeeding by any means, any positive breastfeeding exposure is a step in the right direction!

Read the full article here: Model Nicole Trunfio Breastfeeding Her Son on Elle Cover

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