Safe Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy

Growing a baby creates some challenges and disruption in your normal routine. Even tying your shoelaces can become a monumental task when you’re very pregnant. The simple act of sleeping can be challenging as well, but these tips will help you rest comfortably.

Obviously sleeping on your stomach isn’t going to work once you’re a couple months along, but it’s not a good idea to sleep on your back either. Baby can put pressure on your aorta, vena cava (major vein), and your internal organs. This can cause blood pressure changes and nausea for you, and your baby could be getting less oxygen and nutrients.

The best position for sleeping while pregnant is on your left side to keep pressure off your liver and vena cava. Use pillows to make yourself comfortable. Putting one between your knees will alleviate back pain, and you can hug one to keep your arms comfortable and your body aligned.

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