25 Things You Wish You Knew Before Giving Birth

You can read every baby book and article you find, and you’re still likely to be surprised by some of the things you encounter during and after childbirth because almost nobody talks about them. Some of them are physical, some are mental, but they can shock or even terrify you no matter how prepared you feel.

This eye-opening and informative post at the Baby Center highlights 25 things moms shared that they wished they knew before having their first baby, including weird poop, hair loss, and even lactating babies.

Hemorrhoids are an unpleasant birth side effect, and on a similar note, stool softeners might be a good idea for your first bowel movement after birth. To continue the theme, you may also relieve yourself uncontrollably during the birth itself. You also may continue to experience painful contractions for days after your baby is born, or even weeks while breastfeeding.

Despite these things, you know your child will be worth it!

Read the full article here: 25 things you really need to know before giving birth

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