When playing with kids feels awkward

Sometimes it feels like children are aliens from another planet. Their minds work differently from adults, and when they want to pretend their toy dog is a spaceship that’s delivering jelly beans to the dinosaur planet it can be difficult to follow along. For mom Melissa Willets, play time is downright scary.

In her article at the Baby Center blog, Melissa talks about how she is uncomfortable playing with her kids because she has trouble engaging in their fantasy worlds. She gets anxious over the idea that her kids might sense her awkwardness, though she tries the best she can.

The adult world is one of responsibilities and knowledge that children know nothing of. When kids invite you to play and you have a little extra time, take it as an opportunity to ignore distractions and your usual responsibilities, at least for a while.

If imaginative play is still awkward, don’t worry. The fact that you’re there and engaging is probably good enough.

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