Complaining about your kids is normal and necessary

There’s no doubt about it – raising children is a challenging endeavor. You will have sleepless nights, you will have to clean up many messes, and you will get poop on your hands. Sometimes talking about these things to another adult (or posting about it online) makes you come across as whiney and full of complaints, but it’s also a way to connect with other parents going through the same thing.

In this dad perspective article at Scary Mommy, Clint Edwards talks about his experience on the subject. He mentions how when he’s with his kids he craves adult conversation, but having a serious discussion with a child is basically impossible. When he’s finally able to speak with another adult he just wants to talk about parenting problems, unable to escape the parenting conversation.

He also goes on to say how it’s important to complain to other parents about your kids because it offers you perspective. You learn what’s normal and what’s not, and you gain advice on how to deal with problems that come up. Complaining about your kids doesn’t mean you love them less. It means you want to learn what’s right and how you can improve.

Read the full article here: Why It’s Important For Parents To Bitch About Their Kids

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