Moms in Photos – How Will Your Kids Remember You?

Resized_20112494_s_colorRaising a child is a beautiful, amazing experience. With improved access to incredible technology, taking photos and video of your kids is super easy and you can hold onto those memories forever. While you’ll likely be behind the camera much of the time, don’t forget to take a step in front once in a while – your kids will thank you.

This touching story from Scary Mommy is about family memories. Melissa L. Fenton sought a beloved photo of her mother to commemorate her birthday on Facebook, and marveled at how carefree and beautiful she looked, just as she remembered her growing up.

Then she began wondering if there were any photos around of herself that she could give to her children to treasure, and after sifting through 12 scrapbooks she realized she wasn’t in any of them. After realizing how important her mother’s photograph was, Melissa asked her son to take her photo, a memory captured forever.

You have to realize just how important you are to your children’s story. Stop hiding behind the camera and take the spotlight once in a while. You deserve it!

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