Latched Mama Featured For Making Working Motherhood More Sustainable

Did you know that 80% of the Americans who left the workforce in September 2020 were women?

With schools switching to remote learning and social distancing mandates held in every state, it’s no surprise that the responsibility to make last-minute accommodations this past year mainly fell on mothers.

Needless to say, we here at Latched Mama were no exception. As a company run primarily by mothers, the shock of suddenly having to juggle work and parenthood without the support of schools, daycares, and other care providers shook the company to its core.

However, thanks to Founder Melissa Wirt, Latched Mama already had many pro-parent company-wide policies in place, making this sudden transition exponentially smoother.

Latched Mama has always taken pride in having a progressive company culture, such as 100 days of paid maternity leave and the ability to bring your baby to work with you, which was first implemented in 2016.

Recently, Latched Mama had the honor of being featured in a special series called “The Work Shift” on CBS This Morning. In this featurette, Latched Mama Founder Melissa Wirt discusses why she allows mothers to bring their babies to work with them and how it can lead to a more conducive work environment.

Regardless of what the world may currently look like, Latched Mama’s commitment to such pro-parent workplace policies ultimately boils down to one simple but profound statement:

“We can’t see mothers as weaker on the other side of childbirth or less capable,” Wirt told CBS reporter Adriana Diaz.”We need to see them as MORE capable.”

*Please keep in mind that our beloved in-office babies are closely monitored by their mamas at all times. The safety of ALL our employees, both big and small, is always our top priority.

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  • Thank you Melissa and Latched Mama for doing what you do and being willing to share that with the public! I am proud of Melissa for what she has built into this forward thinking company from product, to beyond the typical customer support and employee team support. She supports mamas in so many ways beyond just selling clothes. I will continue to tell mamas about LM because I believe in the mission. Keep it up, LM team, I am rooting for you!

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