3 Earth-Loving Benefits Of Breast Milk

Happy Earth Day!

Today is the perfect day to reflect upon what we can ALL do to minimize our carbon footprint and help keep this world a beautiful place for our children and future generations to come.

That’s why we thought it would also be an excellent opportunity to discuss the ecological benefits of BREASTFEEDING!

It’s important to remember that no matter how you choose to feed your baby, there are things you can do to reduce your waste, reuse your resources and recycle when possible. However, for the purpose of this blog, we will solely be focusing on some of the earth-loving aspects of breastfeeding.

But remember, mama- your mental health matters, so never feel pressured to do ANYTHING that doesn’t feel in alignment with what’s best for you. There are a MILLION different ways to make a difference in this world. Breastfeeding just so happens to be one of them!

It’s the Ultimate Renewable Resource

Breast milk requires no additional resources for packaging, shipping, or disposal, making it the ULTIMATE renewable resource. Furthermore, it also helps preserve valued energy! This is because no external energy is required to produce liquid gold. The exception to this is the minimal energy required to power a breast pump or refrigerate pumped milk for future feedings or transport donor milk. This makes breast milk the ultimate, earth-friendly local foodery!

It’s Climate Compatible

Breast milk is produced through the mother’s fat stores, making it carbon neutral! Furthermore, Because breastmilk is neither industrially manufactured nor ultra-processed, it is the ultimate clean-green method to feed your infant thanks to its virtually non-existent impact on the environment.

It’s Sustainable

The act of breastfeeding comes with minimal waste, making it a sustainable choice for this planet! Not only does breastfeeding help support land conservation, deforestation, and soil erosion, but it also has it has no water footprint and helps prevent pollution!

We know that living a completely eco-friendly life can be challenging and may not be suitable for every family, but it’s nice to know that the little things we do in our daily lives can have a BIG impact on mother earth.

So whether you breastfeed a little, a lot, or support a mama who does, you’re still helping keep this world a beautiful place for all! 

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