Fun For The Whole Family: Our Top 5 Fall Activities

I’m not going to lie. Fall activities are pretty.. Well.. Basic.

It’s not a bad thing! It’s just that we all tend to gravitate towards the same type of activities once the weather FINALLY hits the mid-60s.

So although this list might not present you with any groundbreaking new adventures, it will hopefully bring you back to the tried and true memories of your own childhood that still carries it’s weight (in apples) today.

Apple Picking

Sweating at an apple orchard in the middle of October is a parenting right of passage. In all honesty, I only do it for the adorable pictures. But in all seriousness, there’s just something about dressing the whole family in plaid flannel and scouring the orchard for a ripe Fuji that’s so darn satisfying for EVERYONE. But maybe wear a tank top underneath that flannel- just in case.

Pumpkin Patch

Is there anything cuter than watching your little pumpkin pick out a little pumpkin? Probably not. I know that my daughter personally loves to pick out the ones with all sorts of lumps, bumps, and witchy warts- which makes for an extremely interesting jack-o-lantern. So gather up the gang, get yourselves some cider and maybe take a tractor ride while you’re at it; because the pumpkin patch is a timeless fall tradition that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Kid-Friendly Hike

There’s no better time to hit up some local trails and introduce your kids to the art of walking “just because” then when the weather begins to cool down. Speaking from experience, fall nature walks tend to be the most exciting for my toddler. From the copious acorns to the migrating birds and the sunset-colored canopies of trees, this fall activity will not only fill your cup (ahh, fresh air!)- but it will also wear your kids out!

Find A Farmers Market

Farmer’s markets are the most fun in the fall. Hey- I don’t make the rules, but it’s true! From the festive gourds to the ghoulish decor, there’s no better time to enjoy all the local bounty that your community has to offer! So grab your canvas tote bag and enjoy a hot cup of coffee while you and your kids explore all the offerings of community farms and engage with fascinating people from all walks of life!

Jump Into A Pile Of Leaves

Before iPads and Paw Patrol, kids of generations past used to wait all year long for one of their favorite FREE fall activities. That’s right, not only is this activity free and oddly entertaining, but it also gets your kids out of the house AND doubles as a chore. Ummm, win! Don’t let the simplicity of this activity deter you- kids crave two things: chaos and connection to nature, which makes jumping into a big ol’ pile of leaves the perfect way to spend a sunny fall afternoon.

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