Lessons From My Children

It takes so much drive and energy to make it through childhood. Have you ever stopped to witness all of the admirable qualities your children possess and thought how strong they are?

 Here are 8 characteristics that my children display that inspire me every day:


My youngest is 1 and running freely through the house right now.  The amount of development that happens in the first 24 months of a baby’s life takes so much energy.  From learning to raise her head and roll over to crawling and eventually walking, there’s never a moment when she decides to throw in the towel and give up.  There is a spirit and determination in our little ones that should be inspiring to us to never give up and persevere until the goal is accomplished.


My 4-year old, like most, will make a toy out of absolutely anything. I love it!  A box can become a car, dollhouse, office, and everything in between.  Pots and pans become musical instruments.  Canning lids and magnets become a game of going fishing.  In my adult life, it is a reminder to use all of the resources around me.  


My 6-year old shows me what it’s like to have boundless energy.  He wakes up ready to give the world his all. He’s inquisitive and once his mind is set on something whether it’s painting, coloring, playing superhero, or playing cajon (he’s definitely a percussionist) he’s locked in for the long haul. It’s a reminder to me each day to seize the moments and opportunities for all that they are worth and to rejoice in the blessing of another day to put my energy into.

Unconditional Love

Children can be the most accepting people on the planet.  They show me this kind of acceptance and unconditional love when I am in my pajamas all day with messy hair, unbrushed teeth, and a grumpy attitude.  They love me right on out of my funk.  Isn’t that what we all need sometimes, to be loved out of our funk? My 8-year old exemplifies this.  She loves to send cards to people and friends just to show them that she loves them.  Even if she never gets one back, she continues to send them.  What an example of loving and encouraging with no expectation of receiving anything in return.


Oh, to mess up and to be swiftly forgiven.  My 9-year old son is a shining model of what forgiveness looks like.  I love his heart. His ability to see to the heart of a person and their actions allows him to be able to easily forgive.  It is a gift.  But for those of us who may have to work at it a little more, he reminds me that forgiveness is possible and that I need to look at the big picture.


I am inspired by my 11-year old and how easy she can make her work look.  She’s a kidpreneur. She is dedicated to studying her craft and learning more techniques in order to present a better product to her customers.  Once she has learned the technique, she is able to practice in her workshop until the design is just the way she envisioned it.  It’s a lesson for me to never stop learning and to never give up on my dreams.


13 can be a very tough age, but I admire my daughter for her gracefulness during her transition into a more mature and responsible young lady.  She is incredibly determined both in her musical and academic studies.  She sets her agenda and will stay up extra hours to complete her tasks.  It is a reminder to me to be more organized (I’m a work in progress) so that I can accomplish more within a day.


All of the children serve in ways that go with their personalities.  One child may know when I need a really big hug, while another may observe that I need help making dinner.  Another child may decide to make me tea and pick out my pajamas for the night.  They are always coming up with ideas to serve people from our neighbors to our church family.  It’s a reminder to me to not hold back when I see someone is in need of something that I can provide, even if it’s as simple as a phone conversation. 

What do your children teach you as you go through life together?


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