Do I Have That “Mom” Quality?

Do I really have what it takes to be a “good” mom? What happens if the baby and I do not bond? What if it turns out I do not like kids as much as I thought I would? Will I survive the many sleepless nights? Am I going to look back and yearn for my days before kids? Am I going to mess this kid up because of my many insecurities? These questions and a million more went through my head before I was blessed with my first child. What about you?  Have you ever had questions like these pop into your mind?

I grew up with nothing but complete love and support from my mother. When I wanted to play a new instrument, she helped me to make it happen. When I came home at 13 and declared that I was becoming a vegetarian, she did not skip a beat or bat an eye. She completely supported me. She embodied everything that I wanted to be as a mom. Her love for me never wavered. She remains 100% my biggest cheerleader. (She is cheering me on now as I write this article). She will do whatever is necessary to make sure that my needs are met. She may even see that I am operating out of exhaustion and suggest that I go and take a rest while she keeps an eye on the children. Her love encourages and allows me to flourish. Her attempts, even now, to protect me from the hurts of the outside world are valiant. Her dedication to motherhood, even though I am now an adult, is still something that I recognize, appreciate, and strive to model. She has that “mom” quality.  

What my mother has is, simply stated, unconditional love. It is a special love that a mother has for the child that she has nurtured from infancy. It is a love that can dry up a tear-stained face and kiss away disappointment. It is a love that can calm the deepest fear and offer reassurance and hope. It is a love that can plant seeds of greatness and equip them with tools to persevere. It is a love that can fertilize the biggest, boldest dream and encourage it to blossom into the most beautiful reality. It is a love that will stare down and protect from any and all adversities while fortifying their spirit and self-esteem. It is a love that inspires bravery, boldness, and confidence while modeling meekness and humility. Is there anything that unconditional love cannot do?  

I am not my mother. You are not your mother. We must allow ourselves the grace to be who we were created to be. We are each unique in our mothering styles. It would not be fair to compare ourselves to another. We come in all different shapes, hues, cultures, and sizes. We come with different gifts, strengths, and talents. We have different sets of tools that we have learned over our lives to turn into resources that will serve our families.  We love with a fierceness like no other.  We are moms and WE ARE QUALITY!

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