Should Toddlers Eat Pickles?

When toddlers graduate from baby food, it’s necessary to ask what other foods they should be eating. Should they eat pickles? Pickles are very high in sodium. For some brands, just one pickle exceeds a child’s daily recommended allowance of sodium. Pickles can also have a fair amount of sugar in them. Also be wary of “natural flavors” on the label, as it usually means a concoction of synthetic chemicals. The best way to serve pickles to your toddler is by making your own pickles. You can control the ingredients and limit the sugar and salt.

Key Takeaways:

  • Although pickles seems like an easy finger food a toddler would enjoy, the sodium content can make it a dicey choice.
  • One Way to ensure a less sodium-drenched pickle for your child is to make a dill version yourself, possibly letting junior help in the process.
  • Besides way too much sodium, many retail pickle brands incorporate too much sugar and an array of chemical additives and flavorings.

“Doctors recommend no more than 1000 mg per day of sodium for toddlers, since sodium can tax your toddler’s kidneys and lead to hypertension.”

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